Interesting Gun Facts: Part 1

Did you know that in order to purchase a gun from a store (federally licensed firearms dealer) the buyer must submit to a federal background check?  This applies to all federally licensed firearms dealers – at gun shows or at the local gun shop.

What this means: criminals don’t buy guns from firearms dealers – only those with very clean records can purchase firearms from dealers.  The Brady Bill the posession of firearms for any individual who:

  • is convicted of a felony
  • is under indictment for a felony, but has not gone to court
  • is the unlawful user of a controlled substance
  • is drug dependant
  • is adjudicated mentally defective or been committed to a mental institution
  • is an illegal or unlawful alien in the Untied States
  • is dishonorably discharged from the military
  • has renounced citizenship of the United States
  • is subject to court order restraining them from harassing, stalking or threatening another (i.e. spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, former cohabitant or child of such partner)
  • cannot prove residency with proper identification
  • has any warrant
  • any domestic violence conviction
  • been convicted as a juvenile for an offense which would have been a felony if committed by an adult (within last 10 years)

It is illegal for anyone who fits any one of the above criteria to own a firearm – any kind of firearm, rifle, shotgun, handgun, machine gun.  They’re all off limits.

I mentioned earlier that any firearms dealer must complete a background check on the purchaser before completing the sell.  The “gunshow loophole” spoken of by politicians and gun-control advocates refers to the private sell of firearms.  This has little or nothing to do with gunshows, but it sounds really cool.  Soundbites are cool!

Why not restrict private sell of firearms?  Well, because it’s already illegal for one of the people mentioned above to own a firearm.  It’s also illegal to knowingly sell a firearm to one of those people.  Many law-abiding individuals who sell firearms privately are very careful about such sales.  Why does anyone need to sell a gun privately you ask?  I ask why does anyone sell a car.  They’re not using it anymore.  Maybe it’s a model they don’t enjoy shooting, or they want a newer better version.  Luckily, we can sell things we don’t want anymore in this country.  Gun control advocates would like that ability stripped from Joe Hunter down the street or from Sally Target Shooter.  However, like most gun control laws, restrictions on private firearms sales only adds extra steps to the process for law abiding people.  Criminals are criminals and won’t follow that law either.

So, my solution?  I propose that this country actually start enforcing the laws we have.  Punnish criminals and let them serve full and complete sentences.  I recently heard about an early release program to ease crowding in prisons and jails.  I’m not the world’s most brilliant person, but even I can understand that placing more laws and burden on the law abiding while simultaneously enhancing the criminal’s ability to commit crime is not an effective plan.

Next time: The truth about “Assault Weapons” aka “Scary Black Guns”


4 responses to “Interesting Gun Facts: Part 1

  1. If I may be so bold, I would like to point out that in 2004 guns were used four hundred times for self defense, while there were more than seven thousand murders using handguns in the same year. Your right that criminals are likely to find away around gun control laws, your wrong that they actually prevent crimes. (info found at thats the FBI for ya.

  2. musingsofagirlobsessed


    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I looked at the stats you referred me to and noticed that they refer to “Justifiable Homicide.” That would be where someone used a firearm for self defense that resulted in a death. Interesting stats, but they only address the unfortunate instance where a defensive gun use results in a death.

    In the vast majority of cases of using firearms for self-defense the gun is not even fired, meaning that nobody is killed, thus those firearms uses do not show in the FBI justifiable homicide statistics. If the gun is fired and the attacker is shot, but does not die, those instances are also not included in your FBI statistics.

    FBI statistics you linked to indicate that 170 justifiable firearms homicides were committed by private citizens in 2004 (434 is the number for law enforcement firearms justifiable homicides). The U.S. Department of Justice Study done by Cook and Ludwig in 1997 under the Clinton Administration found that a minimum of approximately 1.5 million defensive gun uses occured each year.

    The FBI statistics you quoted indicate 9,326 firearms murders a that year. Clinton Admin stats indicate in 1997 there were 1.5 million defensive gun uses which means that guns are used approximately 160.84 times more often in self-defense than in murder. And, of the 1.5 million defensive gun uses, only .011% result in a justifiable homicide. Guns are used as defense in situations of home invasion, rape, robbery, etc.

    So, not only are guns frequently used for fending off crime, victims only end up killing the attacker .011% of the time.

    The purpose of having a gun for defense is not to kill anyone, it’s for defense – to STOP an attacker – not to kill one. By the stats you quote, gun owners are incredibly responsible in their use of lethal defense. There are a large number of statistics and studies online that you may like to familiarize yourself with.

    Again, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  3. Corry Harris is wrong. The Supreme Court ruling overturning the Washington DC ban has shown in time period afterwards crime dropped in DC close to 20%. No other US city showed a decrease anywhere as close. If they overturn the Chicago ban and you monitor crime statistics there you will see the same thing happen. Criminals are less violent when the citizens around them maybe armed. Had anyone been packing in this crazy nut case shootings, many lives would have been saved because someone would have stopped them. Liberals have a problem with reality. Criminals do not care about gun bands-they will use and carry them anyway. Liberals as a group are very well educated. I have spent half my time at universities. But they all fell asleep in Common Sense 101. The founding fathers knew what they were doing. They need the leave the Constitution alone as well as everyone else and stop trying to create a nanny state where no one has freedom. I wish they could live in Cuba for a while so they could get a real education about poverty and tyranny.

  4. what happens when people that are good start buying guns for the bad?

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