Why Obama’s Comments Were Offensive

I don’t think anyone is too concerned about the discussion of the downtrodden being bitter.  I heard Obama talk about this in the debate yesterday – he was hung on the “bitter” aspect.

The really offensive thing is the suggestion that poor people “cling” to guns and religion and xenophobia because they are bitter and let down by the government.  That’s the offensive part.  That’s the part he is missing.

Maybe in his church bitterness works to draw people in.  Sermons about how the government craps on you would certainly appeal to the bitter masses.  However, I just don’t think a generalization that poor people are religious because the world has crapped on them is in touch with reality and that’s where Obama’s problem lies.

Wake up people!  This man is a WEENER!  I’ll say it again  – WEENER.


2 responses to “Why Obama’s Comments Were Offensive

  1. Obama slipped and let his real feelings shine through what he thinks about working people to a bunch of elite Democrats. He thinks they are a bunch of gun toting jesus freaks. Obama really thinks like his preacher WRIGHT.

  2. White people are bitter and frustrated. Better-qualified white students, employees, etc. face intense racial discrimination. Obama and his liberal comrades call it “Affirmative Action”.
    Millions of white Americans see “people who aren’t like them” illegals and inner-city parasites sucking up on free benefits.
    Millions of tax paying white Americans can no longer use the public school system because “people who aren’t like them” have made the schools awash with violence, drugs, and gangster rap.

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