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Politicians Behaving Badly

I fell asleep with the TV on last night.  One bad side effect of doing this is that I can have bad dreams, but worse than that, when you fall asleep with the TV on, you don’t get to choose what you wake up to.

This morning, I woke up to the condescending voice of Harry Reid.  The very first thing I heard this morning was “republicans WANT to deprive women like his and granddaughters of healthcare.“  This is in reference to the money going to Planned Parenthood that is, in part, causing the issues with passing a budget.  I seriously doubt the republicans WANT to deprive women of healthcare or that Reid women visit Planned Parenthood for their annual pap smears.   I’ve also heard republicans claim that Planned Parenthood only does abortions.  All of these statements are ridiculous and completely false. 

Sometimes I wonder if these people are educated at all, because some of the things that they say sound like a child might have concocted them.  Or, maybe they think we are all so dumb that we won’t notice that they make gross generalizations and false statements to lure us into their way of thinking. 
It’s so sad that I only come here to vent.  I’ll have to rethink that and start making regular posts.  I am beyond tired of listening to the politicians in Washington whine and bicker.  If they would stop for a minute and look for creative solutions rather than arm wrestle over every stupid little thing, we might actually get somewhere.   They are arguing about the color of the walls, meanwhile the house is on fire.  And, instead of guiding these politicians like a wise and caring father would his arguing children, Obama has joined the fray.  He should step up and demand some creative solutions – this is how leaders of successful corporations handle things.  He would make a very bad business man.

I realize that most of these people have never actually been business men or women, or that it’s been decades since they were in the business world.  In a business, you have to creatively work through issues.  Take this Planned Parenthood issue for instance.   Republicans don’t want tax-payer dollars going to abortions.  Great, couldn’t agree more.  But, they don’t want Planned Parenthood to get ANY money because once the money is received; it all goes into one pot.  How do you separate tax-payer money from other donations?  Planned Parenthood provides many other services besides abortions.  They provide low cost gyno exams, vaccinations, general physical exams and screenings, STD tests, breast cancer screenings, and so forth.  These are all very valuable services that they provide to low-income men and women.  Nobody is arguing about that.  But they are arguing about abortions.  So, rather than look for a creative solution to this problem that would satisfy both sides, they fight. 

It’s this take it or leave it, black or white, my way or the highway standoff that is crippling this country.  If businesses approached problems this way, we would be a third-world country peeing into holes in the floor. 

Instead of bickering, they should ask questions like this: How can we keep tax-payer money from funding abortions while keeping Planned Parenthood?  Some republicans would just like to see Planned Parenthood shut down no matter what.  And, some democrats would like to see tax-payer money fund abortions.  These are extremes.  There is a middle ground.  If we brainstorm, I’m sure we can come up with a few good solutions.

But no, we don’t operate this country like a business – we operate it like a drug-addict who is about to go into foreclosure on his house.  We have no budget.  We spend more than we earn.  And we refuse to get counseling.