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I Need to Say My Peace

Let me start by saying this is not to insult anyone, their beliefs or their profession.  I just need to vent my thoughts and this is my space to do it.  If you don’t like what I have to say, that’s great.  Keep it to yourself or go to your own space in the world and put it there.  Here is the encapsulation of what has me mad in one handy image.  If you want to buy a shirt or something from this person, go ahead it’s on Cafe Press under Community Organizer.  I don’t advocate it for the reasons I’ll outline below, but you’re a thinking individual and can do what you like.

I’m getting fired up watching these political games.  I haven’t officially registered for any political party.  I am listed as “unaffiliated.”  To me, that means that when an election or a referendum comes along I wait, watch, research, and then make a decision on who/what to vote for according to the option that best suits my personal view of the world.  I vote for blind to political party because I’m voting on issues.  That said, I feel obligated to inform any reader of this piece that as I’ve aged I’ve noticed myself adopting a more conservative world view over time.  This is completely opposite to the registered Democrat I was in college. 

Basically, right now, I’m watching this election unfold and I don’t like what I see.  What has me fired up right now is this continuing “community organizer” crap.  The way I saw it unfold was as such:

Early on brief questioning of what a community organizer is. 

Palin was announced as Republican VP candidate.

Barack Obama (I heard it with my own ears) said she was a just a mayor from a small town with just 9,000 people.

People get momentarily annoyed with the seeming marginalization of small town folks.

Palin takes the stage and responds to Obama’s comment saying she guesses a mayor of a small town is like a community organizer, but with responsibilities.

Down rains fire and brimstone.  Jesus was a community organizer, Pilate was a governor.  Blah Blah Blah.  I’ve seen people creating these nifty little avatars with photos of famous “community organizers” such as John Lennon, Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, George Washington, etc.

People, let it go.  Barack Obama dished it out, let him take it and let it blow over.  None of the people above they’re listing were “community organizers” based on Obama’s own description of the work he did in that job, and to suggest as much is reducing the contribution some of those people made (I’m excluding John Lennon because I don’t know what they’re smoking, but come on!) 

So, I’m annoyed that people seem to miss the fact that Obama started the whole little argument and now everyone is all up in a fury about people being mean to a community organizer.

Then, I see a bumper sticker on CafePress with a picture of Jesus that says “Jesus was a community organizer.”  Guess what people – JESUS WAS NOT A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER.  Community Organizer is a job someone gets paid to do.  Jesus, at least in my view, was the Son of God.  At the moment I saw that bumper sticker it dawned on me just how ridiculous this whole thing is.  Someone thinks “let’s put a picture of Jesus up there with pictures of Obama, Mother Teresa, George Washington, etc, and call them community organizers.”  None of them, no matter how great, can even be compared to Christ.  And Barack Obama doesn’t hold a candle to any one of them.  He is not on their level.  Some day he might be, but he isn’t now, and he certainly isn’t on par with Christ.

I’m offended by this whole thing and what chaps my hide even more is that this whole “Jesus was a community organizer” crap was started by some preacher.  Annoying.

On further reflection in my anger last night I realized that these people are using the term “community organizer” for anyone who led a group of people and caused change.  Let me say it again, community organizer is a job people do.  Many of the people they are calling community organizers were reformers, politicians, religious leaders – not hired community liasons.  Using their criteria, I started thinking about all the other community organizers of this world: David Koresh, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler, Edgar Ray, etc. 

Why, they’re community organizers, too.    You know, I was at the dog park and got to know some people there.  My dog is a community organizer – he facilitated community relationships in an open, friendly setting.  People have said community organizers don’t do anything, but I love my dog, so stop being mean to my dog and saying he was worthless.  He was a community organizer just like Jesus.  Stupid, I know.

Ok – I’m done.  I’ve said it.  But for those who are slow – Jesus was not a community organizer, he was a carpenter, rabi, Prophet, Son of God.  Obama is no Jesus.  Please make it stop.